Your First Visit To Santa Fe

Congratulations you found Santa Fe on the map!  It is true, if you want to visit a foreign country but stay in the United States come to Santa Fe.  You will discover a culture unique to the Southwest that includes tasty cuisine, the only year-round most prestigious art market in the world, and live in luxurious and sometimes very sweet humble adobe homes.

We have 1-2-3-4-5 bedroom homes. Stretch your stay to a month for better rates!   Call Caroline direct and she will respond quickly with the best rates for your stay.

What To Expect Upon Arrival.

Summer Weather. Temperatures can average in the 80’s.  We have little humidity in this high desert so compared to back east, Dallas, and New Orleans, the 80’s can be quite pleasant.  We do have the monsoon season that blesses us with late afternoon showers for a refresh but just duck into a gallery for a few minutes and the skies will clear.  All AQUI homes are equipped with umbrellas for rain or shine.

Spring and Fall.  The weather can vary widely so layer up til 10 in the morning and peel away throughout the day only to layer up again in late afternoon.

Winter Holidays.  During the day it can be crisp with sunshine and the evening can move into a deep chill.  When it snows, it usually stays up on the mountain but in town, it is usually gone within the day….or maybe two.  Bring some heavy-soled shoes but we don’t usually break into full galoshes.

Zapotas!  For shoes, anything comfortable works best because we have narrow and uneven brick sidewalks, and age-old pathways and sometimes you are forging a path on your own.  I found ROTHY’S to be the perfect Santa Fe shoe because it walks all day and takes you to the opera at night  You can find them online.

Dress For Day Or Night.  We have two modes, casual and dressed-up casual.  In the evening a silk scarf does wonders for a touch of chic and men can get a way with a dress shirt and slacks.

A Night At The Opera.  Dress is anything from the beautifully outrageous for tailgating to dressed-up casual.  Be sure and bring a wrap because it can get chilly in the evening.  The parking lots are deep with cars and the walk in to the Opera house is a stretch on beaten paths so bring walking shoes and throw your high spiky heels in your bag for a quick change.

Remember Your Sunscreen And A Bottle Of Water.  The altitude can give you quite a blush of sun and dehydration, especially after being in a a plane all day.  Don’t be afraid to guzzle the whole bottle if you get light headed or nauseous.  In minutes you will begin to ever so much better.  And make the night last longer with a glass of water before that margarita!