Pet Reservations

Of course we love your pets and will consider all of them. Please be so kind as to share a photo of your dog so we can make sure the house is just right for your dear one.   There is a 40 pound limit and please keep in mind that all pets must be crated when left alone in the home. (crates are available for rent from AQUI)

PET Guesting Protocol,  “Letter To My Owner”

Yea, we get to go on a trip!  Just don’t forget my crate.. It is really very lonely when you aren’t at the house so this will assure that I can be tucked in for cozy safe keeping while you are out for the day or at dinner.

Unfortunately, these vacation homes don’t have grooming salons for us so be sure to contact these professionals if I need and appointment.  Remember they get booked up fast so plan ahead and call now.

Paws-Plaza   505.820.7529        Michael’s Mobile Service   505.469.3026

I must confess I do shed sometimes even though they say I don’t.  In order not to upset the house sewer system pleeeese do not under any circumstances dispose of my shed in the toilets or we will all be in trouble!!

As a rule we are not allowed on the furniture or beds, BUT…. Sometimes I can’t resist so bring my blankets and the owners will never know.

Those housekeepers are nice but they make so much noise. Can we go for a walk till they are done?  Or, put me in my crate with a blanket over my head.

One last request.  Can you pick up after me.  I know future guests and especially the landscapers appreciate that.  Thank you.

I love to travel with you and want to continue “Pet Guesting” so help me be a good house guest.

Mucho Gracias!

Dog Paw Print