Aqui Santa Fe Real Estate

For over 30 years, Caroline Morgan has enjoyed selling residential real estate in Colorado with her own company, Coventry Morgan Real Estate and in New Mexico with French & French and Homefield Real Estate.  Appreciating and loving the success the profession brought, opened new opportunities to create Aqui Santa Fe Luxury Vacation Rental Homes.  It was timely as the vacation rental market was in a growth spirt and it was an opportune time to to creating a niche in the marketplace.

As owner of Aqui Santa Fe Luxury Vacation Rentals and Aqui Santa Fe Real Estate, Caroline Morgan is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of New Mexico.  Being a veteran of the Santa Fe real estate market was a natural transition into the business of vacation rentals and in turn  AQUI Homeowners and Guests who have bought and sold properties in Santa Fe.

Properties SOLD of late include:

586 1/2 Camino Del Monte Sol           PURCHASE                                                      $1,100,000

523 Canyon Road                                   PURCHASE                                                      $1,300,000

918 Acequia Madre                                PURCHASE                                                      $2,200,000

                     538 E. Palace Ave.                                  PURCHASE                                                     $1,500,000

829 Camino Del Este                             PURCHASE                                                     $   580,000

1978 Cerro Colorados                            PURCHASE                                                     $1,650,000

1055 Camino Rancheros                       PURCHASE                                                     $2,100,000

1055 Camino Rancheros                       RENOVATED AND LISTED                        $2,500,000

442 Acequia Madre #4                          LISTED                                                             $1,600,000

1299 Upper Canyon Road                     LISTED                                                            $3,600,000


For those of you interested in the investing in Short Term Rentals, call Caroline at 505.577.6774 for more details.