Bespoke Vacation Rental Homes

There is an art to identifying a Santa Fe Vacation Rental Home that has the style, integrity, location and rental opportunity in the marketplace to be a high success.  These aspects must merge at the sweet spot to meet the guests’ prescribed experience and the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Furnishings are key to the presentation.  They can be Santa Fe antiques, contemporary or a blend for what we call Santa Fe Contemporary.  Although a perceived value at times, kitchens need to be upgraded and fully equipped. Bathrooms definitely need to have a fresh new design and finish. With clarity to the overall design and palette, the guest is able to realize true acceptance of livability.

The integrity of the home covers a wider range of architectural and interior design, the landscaping and actual condition of the home.  AQUI is intent upon each house performing at its best.  That means construction and mechanicals must be maintained and in excellent working order for uninterrupted guest visits.

As in real estate, the value is in the location.  Ninety-Nine percent of inquires address walking distance to the Plaza and  a view in their requested complement of amenities.  The majority of Aqui Santa Fe luxury vacation rental homes are located in the down town Historic District which provides for perfect walkability to Canyon Road and the Plaza.  Since views are limited because of the low-lying land in that area, it is necessary to scale the foothills for those homes. With perfect access,  views can be panoramic to intimate and within 5 minutes of downtown.

Vacation rental homes can be a productive way for Homeowners to minimize cost of ownership.  To actually cash-flow a rental home is a difficult measure as mortgages and partnerships are wide-ranging, however, there is definitely an income advantage in addition to tax incentives.

The “sweet spot” is a wonderful challenge to discover and success breeds success.

Short/Longer Term vacation rentals allow you to enjoy your own home when guests are not in residence.  For a professional opinion or to view a house you are considering,  Call Caroline at 505.577.6774.