Longer-Term Stays

Do you want a complete change of weather, scenery and culture?  Pack up your computer and come stay in Santa Fe for a couple of months. The locals will welcome you as their own and it is an easy town to navigate for outstanding discoveries!

It is best to plan ahead for reservations of this nature in order to get your uninterrupted 30 days or more.  There is also a reduced tax for this length of stay because you only pay a 7% lodgers tax which is about half the norm.  

Deciding on a rental property for the longer stay can be a big decision!  Call Caroline today at 505.577.6774  and she will help you find just the right home-away-from-home.

Choose a monthly rental for your Santa Fe, NM, trip and truly experience the City Different

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capital city in the United States and one of the oldest European-settled cities in North America. Founded in 1607, Santa Fe has been a mission, a trading outpost, and the site of a Frontier fort during the Wild West times. It is also a cultural hub when it comes to art and design, Southwest architecture, and especially world-class cuisine. When you stay in a monthly rental in Santa Fe, you have time to enjoy the desert vistas, the green chili, fusion restaurants, and the gastronomical delights of just about any kind of delicious food imaginable. Local artisans in silver and turquoise and the rich Native American culture which stretches back hundreds, if not thousands of years, permeate this land with mystery and beauty. When you visit Santa Fe, if you truly want to immerse yourself in the whole Santa Fe experience and get everything possible out of your time here, you have to stay in the city for the time it deserves. Rather than living your life out of suitcases–which is a nightmare when traveling with your family or groups of friends–feel free to spread out and unpack. Our Santa Fe long term rentals provide plenty of room for the kids, grandparents, or just you to kick back and relax between day trips. Maybe you are visiting Santa Fe on business and you’ll want to burn the midnight oil with your colleagues, requiring plenty of room to spread out. That’s nearly impossible to do in a hotel room with a coffee table for a workspace. Or you might be a retired couple and need room to stretch out and relax while feeling at home in one of our gorgeous long-term luxury rentals in Santa Fe. Whether it is Sena Plaza, Bandelier, world-class performing arts, or countless galleries to explore, a stay of a few days will turn into a month if you let it. So why not just go for it? The best place to begin is a place to stay for the duration of your visit. So, what is holding you back from staying a while? Why not consider a much longer stay, with a luxury vacation rental? Take it to the next level above a home away from home with AQUI Santa Fe. As the proprietor of AQUI Santa Fe, Caroline Morgan offers a collection of luxury rental homes you cannot begin to appreciate until you see them. With attention to detail and the best information only a local can provide as your guide to the area, Caroline hopes to make your long-term stay in Santa Fe a completely immersive experience. Offering unmatched luxury and quality of service, AQUI can give you a jumping-off point to the trip of a lifetime. Let AQUI be the place you hang your hat and take your time to savor the most magical city of the Southwest.