What To Wear In Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the best hidden gems in the Rockies, and we love having the opportunity to introduce guests to the beautiful place we call home. Its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and its higher elevation causes wetter, windier, and colder weather than much of the state. Even with the wide variety of weather Santa Fe experiences, it still gets 325 days of sunshine, making it the perfect place to visit year-round. From Spring to Fall, the city only gets an average of 14 inches of rain, so you can leave the umbrella at home! While snow might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New Mexico, Santa Fe can expect around 32 inches of snow to fall in town throughout the winter and an average of 225 inches on the ski slopes just a short drive away. All of this results in a drier city that is easy to explore all year long. In the Summer, the weather rarely surpasses 90 degrees, and in the Winter, it can get cold, but we have an average of 42 degrees, making it pleasant to be outside during your stay.


Wondering what you should wear on your next visit to Santa Fe? It’s going to depend on the season, so keep reading to find out more.



Santa Fe has winter from late November and occasionally lasts until the end of March. These months can bring a variety of different weather patterns, such as thrifty fifty-degree days or chilly thirty-degree days. Make sure to pack warm clothes for your stay! Pay close attention to the daily forecast and keep a puffy coat in your luggage in case the latter is present. The winter season presents an amazing time to explore the capital city’s skiing opportunities.



Spring follows the winter season and brings days of low humidity that struggle to trap heat. This results in days that start and end cold but maintain a nice, warm temperature dependent upon the sunbeams. The early spring is perfect for removable layers that also breathe, however, closer to summer, the perfect garments are shorts and casual shirts.



Summer is similar to spring because of Santa Fe’s high elevation and low humidity. Summer begins around Memorial Day. The days start and end cooler, but the days find their way around 80-90 Fahrenheit. Summer is also known as monsoon season, bringing temporary showers lasting between 20 minutes to 1 hour. An extra layer of clothing or a sweater will keep you comfortable after the rain subsides and the temperature gradually declines. You may not need it but pack a raincoat if you plan on being out and about during the summer.



Days during the fall are perfect for a jacket and something light underneath to combat the slight frost settling into the air. The frosty air in question hits 40 degrees, so nothing too extravagant is needed for a jacket. Warmer days land between 70-80 degrees and are perfect for exploring the city in good shoes.


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