What To Wear In Santa Fe

Those traveling to Santa Fe come to experience one of the oldest remaining cities in North America, a place where majestic sunsets descend over the southernmost reaches of the Rocky Mountains, with some of the highest quality air in the country and an unending supply of activities, both in town and in the beautiful surrounding area. With world class restaurants and art exhibits, miles and miles of trails to explore by foot, bicycle, and off road vehicle, rivers to fish in and raft down, and mountains to hike in the summer and ski in the winter, Santa Fe offers activities for all types of people to reawaken their sense of adventure in the place where the wild west meets modern civilization.

With so many drawn to the area for its natural beauty and robust culture, the question of what to wear in Santa Fe is on the minds of most vacationers. Santa Fe’s climate can vary dramatically, and all four seasons make their presence known across the Rio Grande Valley. What can a traveler expect, depending on the time of year that they choose to vacation in Santa Fe? We compiled together a Santa Fe Packing Guide to help you pack depending on the seasons!

Santa Fe By Season

Fall- During fall, the weather is absolutely magical in Santa Fe! Mild but typically warm days are lovely for exploring the outside and discovering groves of aspen trees as their leaves change color for the year. These days give way to crisp and cool evening weather, so it is recommended to carry a light jacket with you. While truly cold weather is rare in the fall, it is still worth it to bring a coat on your trip just in case.

Winter- Winters in Santa Fe can be cold and windy, with the temperature ranging widely during the day between the high teens and the low 50s, but with plenty of warmer days mixed in. Because of Santa Fe’s high elevation, the sun has a profound effect on how warm it feels, and because of this it is recommended to start out the day with a few layers, including a coat and hat, with items that can easily be removed as the day warms up. Because of the high elevation and thinner air, the cold in Santa Fe does not cut through like the cold that many who live in humid climates are used to experiencing.

Spring- In Santa Fe the weather starts really warming up toward the end of April, with typically agreeable temperatures during the day, with cooler weather in the morning and after the sun starts to go down. Many people find that a good strategy is to start with an extra layer, knowing it will probably come off late morning, but ready to put it back on at sunset.

Summer- Summertime in Santa Fe is hot and dry, with the afternoons frequently giving way to rain showers that cool down the day. T-shirts, tank tops, sandals, and shorts are common attire to enjoy the warm and clear summer air. It still gets quite cool at night, so a light jacket is a recommended accessory for your trip – especially if you plan to enjoy Santa Fe’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Whatever time of year you plan to make your escape to the lovely town of Santa Fe, make your trip enjoyable by reading our Santa Fe Packing Guide and bringing the appropriate clothing to enjoy your time here to the fullest! Call Caroline today to book your stay in Santa Fe! Aqui Santa Fe offers the quickest response and we will make sure your trip is magical and that you’ll know what to wear in Santa Fe!