Things to do Outdoors in Santa Fe

Friendly Santa Fe welcomes visitors to the ‘City Different’ and appreciates your efforts to help keep us all healthy by observing our NM Health Protocols. This is the perfect time to enjoy Santa Fe’s gorgeous natural landscape and the many fantastic outdoor activities available here!

Santa Fe Outdoors

Santa Fe is nestled amidst the southern tip of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range and the Santa Fe Mountains. This makes it a hiker’s dream vacation spot. Shady woodlands, wildflower laden meadows, refreshing waterways, abundant wildlife, and stunning views draw hikers from near and far. 

From a gentle hike through the rolling foothills to enjoying extraordinary views from a mountain peak, there’s something for every hiker. The Dale Ball Trail system is just minutes from downtown. Its varied trails are perfect for both novice hikers as well as those with more experience under their boots. 

As wonderful as it is, hiking is only one of Santa Fe’s many fantastic outdoor activities. If you prefer to do your exploring a bit closer to civilization, we also have numerous golf courses, the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, and the ancient yet still vibrantly alive Plaza. Santa Fe was practically built for those who enjoy strolling through historically diverse architecture and charming city gardens. Just don’t forget to snap some gorgeous photos!

Outdoor Activities in Santa Fe

Please remember a mask and to follow social distancing while enjoying everything Santa Fe has to offer.

Enjoy an Evening of Opera 

You may not be able to attend the open-air Santa Fe Opera House in person, but that doesn’t preclude enjoying an evening of magnificent music. You can catch an operatic performance on the venue’s social media channels each Saturday evening. Dress in your best ‘formal’ sleepwear, lay out a tailgating spread, and enjoy the Opera right from the patio of your luxury AQUI Santa Fe rental! 

Toss a Fly Line

Fishing in the high desert? Of course! Santa Fe is actually an angler’s paradise. You may not realize it, but we have five world-class flyfishing rivers in the vicinity. Between them, they offer four species of trout to test your fishing prowess. And social distancing is easy because these rivers aren’t crowded!

Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching and Santa Fe are just meant for each other! The diverse environment in the area attracts birds and birdwatchers from all over. Just don’t forget to social distance. And enjoy the scenery along with the birds. Those binoculars will also give you a great view of the area’s geological formations and other natural features.

Try Out Your Wheels

The spectacular terrain around Santa Fe makes for some world-class mountain biking.  Explore city streets, follow historic trails, or test your skills as you climb mountain trails. The wide variety of bike paths and trails in the Santa Fe area provide plenty of exhilarating biking opportunities. 

Experience a Culinary Adventure

Need a break from all those outdoor adventures? Why not relax in your luxury rental and practice your southwestern cooking skills? The Santa Fe School of Cooking now offers virtual cooking classes featuring some of their best dishes. 

Learn how to make authentic local favorites like Mexican enchiladas (with a side of drunken beans!), green chile stew, or huevos rancheros. It’s easy to cook in the well-equipped kitchen of an Aqui rental property. Then enjoy your flavorful meal on the patio while you watch a spectacular New Mexican sunset.

Enjoy a Luxurious Break

Let an Aqui Santa Fe luxury rental act as the base for all of your outdoor adventures. Our rentals aren’t just beautifully luxurious and comfortable. They’re also New Mexico Safe Certified for your good health and peace of mind. Better book your stay soon if you’re planning on attending the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta in September!