Santa Fe’s Weekend Travel Guide

Santa Fe New Mexico Travel Guide: A Recipe for the Perfect Weekend Away

Ah, Santa Fe. When experiencing a new place, most people have a few boxes that they want to tick off to make their experience complete. Santa Fe has a lot of boxes, but we can probably agree that food, culture, and stunning scenery are at the top of many lists. As the oldest state capital city in the United States, Santa Fe boasts an abundance of culture influenced by Hispanic, Anglo, and Native American tradition, with a food scene unlike any other as a result. The sun blasts down upon the city offering Santa Fe the privilege of a whopping 320 bright and beautiful sunny days each year. With such a spotlight, the jaw-dropping landscape that surrounds Santa Fe from the foothills up into the Sangre de Cristo mountains is breathtaking. A weekend away may be just what you need, and this Santa Fe visitors guide will help you tick all of the boxes.

Friday Evening

Food: The plaza is home to numerous eateries that are sure to delight. From affordable to upscale, there is something to please everyone’s tastebuds. If you really want to immerse yourself, visit one of the street food vendors and satisfy your hunger while witnessing the lights and sounds around you.

Culture: From street performers to art vendors, the plaza boasts an array of New Mexican culture that will both educate and entertain you as you walk around and engage.

Views: At night many of the trees are lit with fairy lights that provide a soft ambiance, and the unique plaza architecture pays homage to the city’s Spanish and Native American roots.


Be sure to set an early alarm, because there is a lot to pack into a sunny Saturday in New Mexico. Next in our Santa Fe travel guide is a day of exploration as you discover more about the city through art and…more food!

Food: The downtown Railyard District farmer’s market takes place on Saturday mornings and is one of the most highly regarded in the nation. Grab some breakfast while you’re there, and spend lunch at one of the many restaurants in the art district. There are too many dinner options to list, so choose your favorite cuisine and dig in!

Culture: Santa Fe boasts over a dozen museums as well as nearly 250 galleries and dealers. Enough said? Not quite – after an afternoon of wandering museums, take in an evening show outside the city center at the open-air Crosby Theater, home to the renowned Santa Fe Opera.

Views: Your entire day will feature spectacular views of mountainous vistas as you make your way around the city. Witness marvelous works of art inside the museums and don’t forget to take pictures to commemorate your stay.


Sunday is the perfect day to focus on relaxation, and no Santa Fe visitor’s guide would be complete without a stroll down Canyon Road. Before you take in over 100 art galleries in a 1 mile stretch, spend the morning and early afternoon at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden where you’ll witness unique structures and learn about the area’s natural plants and shrubbery.

Food: Treat yourself to the rich delicacies at Dolina Bakery & Cafe before heading out. For lunch, consider taking a class at the Santa Fe School of Cooking – you get to eat whatever you make!

Culture: The Santa Fe Botanical Garden features sweeping fields of plants and flowers; some of the most scenic walks can be experienced here. In the afternoon, Canyon Road is a melting pot of artistic talent. Local artisans here will have the perfect souvenirs to make your trip even more memorable.

Views: You’ll take in more stunning architecture as you make your way around this surprisingly walkable historic city. The botanical garden is a fantastic place to snap the perfect shot as you’re surrounded by local flora.

AQUI Santa Fe: Your Ultimate Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Travel Guide

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